Make your business

work for you

Our mission is to make your business (more) profitable. Through teaching, curating or full management in marketing, digitalizing, social and commerce, all practiced at our school.

About School of Social Commerce

What started as a consultancy initiative in 2019 has now grown into an educative platform for business owners, managers and young professionals.

We develop and organize professional education, coaching and project management in business processes, on- and offline marketing, social commerce and sales.

Our solutions

We have a large collection of solutions for (almost) every business

Individual projects and marketing management

We provide individual project management in marketing and business processes responsible for revenue as well as fixed and variable costs.

Online Education

We have a (yet small) collection of online courses to quickly and flexibly teach you to manage your marketing. All of our courses are academic-level taught in a language a marketing layman will easily follow.

Free Downloads

We are constantly working on free materials for entrepreneurs and businesses to help out with marketing and business processes and showcase our products in a smaller portion.

Trending Workshop

Revenue 200

Break down and manage your revenue with over 50 social media tools

Learn to break down and understand your business and marketing data, find your bottlenecks and growth points to easily strategize, manage and increase your revenue via social media channels. Investigate a couple of cases, learn from the examples and get a bonus checklist with 50+ tools for social media.​

Free Instagram Course

Grab a copy of a free 7-lesson course on Instagram for business owners, and find out what to do and how to approach this platform to make (more) revenue with your product or service.