Make your business

work for you

Our mission is to make your business (more) profitable. Through consulting, teaching, curating or full management in process-driven marketing, lean process management, social and commerce, all practiced at our school.

About School of Social Commerce

School of Social Commerce started in 2019 and has now grown into an educative management platform and consultancy for business owners, managers and young professionals.

We develop and organize professional education, coaching and project management in business processes, on- and offline marketing, social commerce and sales, and take care of both revenue generation and process efficiency to help you make your business more profitable.

Our solutions

We have a large collection of solutions for (almost) every business

Individual projects and marketing management

We provide individual project management in marketing and business processes responsible for revenue as well as fixed and variable costs.

Online Education

We offer online courses and (customized) workshops for (small to large) corporations to quickly and flexibly teach you to manage your marketing. All of our courses are on an academic level yet taught in a language a marketing layman will easily follow.

Free Downloads

We are constantly working on free materials for entrepreneurs and businesses to help out with marketing and business processes and showcase our products in a smaller portion.


Growth Points Analysis

Battle your marketing challenges and drive more revenue with our most profitable service for only 785,-

Let us analyse your current situation and find your growth points, talk to you about your challenges and all possible solutions in an online call and report to you in a full customized paper on strategy, tactics, tools and its implementation together with post-service support.

Free Instagram Course

Grab a copy of a free 7-lesson course with over an hour of materials on Instagram for business owners, and find out what to do and how to approach this platform to make (more) revenue with your product or service.