How content can work for you on social media

25 January 2021

What started as a consultancy initiative in 2019 has now transformed into an online school for business owners, managers and young professionals.

We develop and organize professional education and coaching in business processes, on- and offline marketing and sales with our main focus on social commerce.  Our core thought is that only through research, gathered knowledge and experiment, we can truly gain an understanding of the impact of past, current and future development in commerce, business and consumption.

We provide research in marketing and sales for our clients but have our

in-house goals to develop new methods and teach entrepreneurs and businesses what we have learned.

We believe that every business is different, and approach it accordingly. We don't believe nor use template solutions and work on each project with the set of marketing tools that suits particular business goals.

The same value applies to our approach towards our clients and partners, as we adjust our methods to the existing skillsets and knowledge of each individually. Whether you would purchase a single online workshop or a whole marketing project, we won't leave you behind.