Content Creator

Learn to write and manage social content for your business goals

There is so much information out there about social media, but very little absolute structure and understanding of a systematic approach to content creation from a commercial point of view.
With the 5 modules of this course, you will learn how to write different types of posts, connect them into one customer journey and apply it strategically onto your social media channels.

This course is for you, if


You are still dealing with the question 'What to post?' on social media


You don't have a clear social media strategy


Your social media efforts don't result in leads or sales


You have the feeling you are losing your time on social media


You want to master mechanisms behind content marketing and content creation

Content Creator is a unique science-based program, where in five modules you will get advanced content marketing and strategic knowledge to bring your business to a level where you don't have to doubt which methods to use, where there are no standard or generalized solutions and all of your business specifics are taken into account.

The course is not about branding, personal online appearance or graphic and photo design of your social channel. It's about marketing based on your product, your audience and your competition.

Course Program

Module 1

Choosing right strategy for your business and packaging it with marketing tools

  • Overview of strategies, and choosing one that suits your business 
  • Understanding social commerce, and how to implement your goals 
  • Marketing and sales tools for your strategy and the understanding how to use them
  • What to post on every stage of marketing and sales cycles
  • How to use (or not) personal brand, branding and trust in your business 

Module 2

Collect your marketing glossary based on your product, audience and positioning

  • Target audience research and segmenting your clients
  • Finding your tone-of-voice 
  • Describing your product or service in the language of your customer
  • Positioning, or how to get noticed in your niche and outplay your competition

Module 3

Build a customer journey from the first touch point to purchase

  • Customer Journey for business on social media 
  • Long and short chains of buying cycle, how to build and analyse
  • What message to communicate at each stage of the customer journey 
  • And how to manage a customer journey and those messages 
  • Understanding different post types and their contents 

Module 4

Write your first effective posts for each of the customer journey stages

  • Content elements for each (type of) post 
  • Writing content for every occasion
  • Learn everything about headings and calls-to-action: how to get people to do what you need them to do 
  • Building mock-ups for all your future content, and learn to create a content ecosystem

Module 5

Connect your marketing glossary based on your product, audience and positioning

  • Understand the connection between a sales plan and a content plan
  • Learn to create your own content plan for your specific business goals 
  • Photography and videography for your social commerce 
  • Learn to set metrics, analyse your results and improve your content and thus the commercial results on social media

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Objectives & Results

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Alongside the final assignment, you are getting plenty of practical homework to work on your social media channel as soon as you finish your first module. This will help you to tackle your strategy stepwise without unnecessary overwhelm.

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strategist & founder school

Maria Avaguimova - Van der Boog enjoyed her Bachelor and Master degree in Slavic Linguistics at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, where she graduated in 2012. She had also been teaching at the same university in different departments for six years.

Only after switching careers to commerce, working for Dutch Flower Group, as a flower and foliage export account manager and covering all of the Eastern European markets, her commercial ambition gained a boost. In 2019, she started consulting small businesses in commercial communication, social media and business design. In 2020, Maria received her additional education in data-driven marketing and opened this school to the first customers. ​

The idea of school is to combine consultancy, research and education to bring the most value to customers, readers and course participants. ​

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