Instagram for Business

7-lesson free course for business owners

The free Instagram Basics Course gives you plenty of insights, whatever business you are in. These course notes support your learning process, and are meant to share additional value next to the nine lessons on how to use Instagram for your business.

*This course was originally posted on IGTV and videos sometimes refer to comments below the video on IGTV or other Instagram environment.​

7 lessons

Whether you are new to Instagram, or already have experience.

Lesson 1

The basics of Instagram. How to use, what to pay attention to and which elements are essential for your business.

Lesson 2

On Insights. This lesson is about the in-app native analytics of the platform, but also on why and how to measure your results and predict future performance.

Lesson 3

I am explaining the five social media strategies, applicable to almost any business type out there. Choose one or combine a couple for your goals.

Lesson 4

What is a customer journey, and how to use it for your social media channel, in particular for your Instagram? All about that and content planning in this lesson.

Lesson 5

Which marketing elements to pay attention to when it comes to social media? In this lesson, I am discussing four main elements.

Lesson 6

How to attract your potential customer on Instagram? Many have suggested to have the right answers. I am talking about my insights and vision in this part of the course.

Lesson 7

How photography and videos, as well as text have effect on your business progress when using social media? How to manage, and to act.

Bonus - Course Notes

Taking notes, or rewatching this course takes too much time? I have already written the most essential information in this document. Secretly, I added a couple of examples you won't find in the videos.

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Content Creator

Learn to write best social posts for your business goals

There is so much information out there about social media, but very little absolute structure and understanding of a systematic approach to content creation from a commercial point of view.
With the 5 modules of this course, you will learn how to write different types of posts, connect them into one customer journey and apply it strategically onto your social media channels.

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