What is Curated Marketing?

Amongst different types of firms, some want or must keep marketing in their own hands but don't have the time for any additional education and project management. With curated marketing membership, we solve all of the possible issues a firm or entrepreneur could have while building, growing or scaling their business. ​

Who will benefit?

Just 1% of revenue growth in a one-million business will have a 200% return on this marketing investment. With our system and your ambition, one per cent is the least we can promise.

Why Curated Marketing?

Curated Marketing helps you realize advanced marketing projects and implement strategies to better revenue consuming the least time and budget. We take care of skills and knowledge development, continuous research and apply the individual approach in every project to efficiently reach aspired results, without generalizations or implementation of expensive tools, resources or people.

What's inside Curated Marketing?

1-year of Curated Marketing starting any time of the year

Two-hour sessions monthly to discuss, plan and evaluate your marketing project and activities

Dashboard with recordings of all calls, documents, reports and project files with objectives and to do's

All questions answered on-call with fullest commitment and project assistance from experts

Monthly online workshops addressing different topics

Access to our knowledge bank materials during the project

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Objectives & Results

We will help you implement the marketing system in one or more business units and so create more efficiency in business processes that will save you money while increasing annual revenue.

Book an audit to find out if this program suits you

Fill out the form without further preliminary obligations, and we will schedule a call to talk about the possible outcomes and objectives specifically for your business.

How this works?

1. Schedule an audit call to see if this option will fit your business goals

2. We will send you a diagnostics form to review the growth points for your business

3. During the call, we will discuss your growth points and possible objectives from the program

4. When everything feels right, we onboard you and inform about the following course of actions

We add value by sharing our workshops for free. See what we planned for you in the first quarter of 2021

January 2021

How to increase revenue using social media: breaking down numbers and implementing the best social media tools.

February 2021

Customer Journey in current day businesses. Touch points and tools.

March 2021

How to use cases and reviews for customer acquisition and retention?

Why this works?

During our monthly online meetings, we fully guide you and your marketing project. We plan and measure your results and adjust your strategy, so that you will never get lost in the process or details.

Curated marketing system combines project management, our assistance and teaching you to manage your marketing, so you don't get dependent on anyone's services forever, if you wish.

Through our learning materials based on our research and testing, you acquire the best marketing skills for your business and can use them independently (Skill = action + result done well).

Our role in your business

1. We break down your current revenue and find the bottlenecks to work with, pinpoint and analyse your opportunities and growth points.

2. Together, we set up a strategy and tactics to work on your growth points and final results.

3. We advise you on all possible marketing tools for your goals.

4. We guide you through implementation of those tools.

5. We do additional research of the specific tools and case studies in your type of business and markets.

6. We help you analyse your results and help you adjust your strategy if necessary.

7. We manage your project, where our role is to strategize, to educate and to help implement the tools to achieve the possible best results in amongst many the market share, customer loyalty and revenue increase.

Most common growth points

Implementing marketing may lead to over 25% revenue increase

Increasing customer loyalty brings you more money while saving on customer acquisition costs

Upgrading price by 1% will generally lead up to extra 11% towards your revenue

Choosing the right positioning gives you competitive advantages and perhaps a bigger market share

A well-structured product line makes your customers buy more, and more often

A system within marketing saves you time, money and plenty of chaos

Curated Marketing Journey


6 Months

Best for Start Ups

Including monthly 2-hour sessions, reports, workshops and access to all materials during the service.

Total €3000 ex. vat

12 Months

Best for Businesses

Including monthly 2-hour sessions, reports, workshops and access to all materials during the service.

Total €5000 ex. vat

12 weeks

Best for Corporations

Including weekly 2-hour sessions, reports, workshops and access to all materials during the service.

Total €5500 ex. vat

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