What products or services can i purchase?

We provide firms and individual entrepreneurs a broad range of courses, workshops and marketing managing, all online during the pandemic era. You can purchase our courses for home study, or apply for a management track.

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How can i log in to my account?

By going to the (hamburger) menu in the top right corner, you will find a menu page with the option to log in for the existing clients. By using the email address and the password you provided during checkout, or provided by us after receiving your order, you can log in.


Where can i find my invoices?

After logging in, you will see a dashboard with all provided information including your purchases with us and your invoices for every purchase.


Can i get an account without purchasing anything?

No, only past or active clients have a customer account in our shop or our learning platform.


I forgot my password, how can i retrieve it?

During the login, tap the option 'Forgot password' and you will receive a new one in your mailbox if you are previously had an account with us. If you can't manage this, please email us to


How can i change my email, address or other personal data?

While logged in, you can change any personal or customer data you have provided us in the past, or add new data such as VAT number, address or your phone number. You can change your password over there too.



What payment methods are there?

For courses and workshops, you can use PayPal, iDeal and ApplePay as a payment method. For services, we send you an invoice.


How long do i have to pay the invoice?

We will ask you to pay within 14 days.


Can i pay in parts?

For the courses and workshops, we don't have any partial payment solution given the relatively low prices. For our services, we curate an individual solution for each client. We communicate our expectation of single payment, but will always discuss the payment solutions with you.


Are the prices including tax?

We always communicate our online course and workshop prices including the Dutch VAT. Our services (B2B only) are mentioned excluding the tax.


Do i have to pay the dutch tax (VAT)?

For Dutch-based firms with an active registration, the vat is included in the price, but can be retrieved in your financial and tax administration.


I have a firm outside of The Netherlands, do i pay the dutch vat?

No, EU firms with a VAT registration outside of The Netherlands don't pay the Dutch tax.


I have a firm outside of EU, do i pay the dutch vat?

No, for firms and individuals outside of EU, there is a zero tax rate. You might have to declare your purchase in your country.


I don't have a firm or a vat-number, do i pay the tax?

Yes. For Dutch and European citizens, there is a 21% VAT applicable. Customers outside of EU don't pay the European tax, but might have to declare the purchase in your country.



I purchased a service or a product, can i return it?

Business customers cannot return the purchase as they are bound to a service by a contract. However, if you have a legitimate reason to stop working with us prior to the beginning of the service, we will cancel the contract. Active clients cannot retrieve a part of payment by cancelling the service after it's start.

For B2C customers, there is a legal right to withdraw your purchase within 14 days after purchasing, and only when you haven't receiving the full service/product. In digital products, this is almost never applicable. If you happen to be unhappy about your purchase, we have a 100% return guarantee through a complaint procedure.



I have a question, can i contact you directly?

Yes. You can either email us or fill out the contact form.


I don't know what service to apply for. can you advise?

Please, fill out the diagnostics form and we will schedule a 30-minutes free audit call to see what we can achieve together.

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