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Answer these 23 most important questions before writing your next social media post.

This guide will help you understand the key elements for your content and helps you write the most effective commercial content to activate your potential customers and make them come back for a purchase every single time.

White Paper

16 Trust tools on social media

Using one or more of the tools from this paper will help you get your potential clients to convert better. This paper will give you a better understanding on what trust is in the context of commerce, and how to manage it without using personal appearance or personal branding for your business, or any business.

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Marketing on Instagram

With these seven lessons each around 10 minutes course, you will learn the basics of marketing applicable to Instagram as a social commerce platform. You will learn about different strategies, tools and elements which lead to better understanding of the platform as well as your marketing and sales. This course is not about photo editing, personal branding, algorithms or any other popular topics usually taught within modern-day Instagram environment. It is based on a systematic marketing approach to help you out with the main questions.

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