Revenue 200

Online workshop for business owners and top managers who want to grow revenue on social media, and beyond.

Who will benefit?

Unavoidable results for only €27

A step-by-step guide including 50+ tools to increase your revenue within a month

What will you get?

Practical online learning of how to break down and apply your revenue numbers onto the most effective formula for better income

A number of practical cases to see how this method is applied in real businesses and what realistic results you can achieve

Marketing tools and solutions to increase revenue without (dis)proportional increase of your expenses

Focus on social media (mainly Instagram) but the concept is useful for your marketing and overall business plan

Workshop Program

Part 1

Revenue Breakdown: main elements

Learn to break down your (social media) revenue data and analyse your current situation.

Part 2

Opportunities and marketing tools

Understand how to seek for opportunities in your revenue numbers, and get 50+ social media tools for your business

Part 3

Business Cases

See how others increased revenue without additional costs for advertisement and online acquisition

Part 4

A 4-step guide

Learn the four main steps and apply immediately in your business including tool implementation and result analysis

Part 5


Get bonuses for an easier implementation of your own revenue growth activities

Immediate results

1. You understand and are able to see behind your current numbers. You know how to break down your revenue into smaller pieces to find bottlenecks and growth opportunities.

2. You can immediately decide what actions will be the most effective for your growth with least investment and highest return.

3. You will have a clear understanding on how to use social media in your benefit when it comes to revenue growth.

4. You will get 50+ tools segmented for each revenue element, and examples on how to use them.

5. You will know how to double your revenue within a month or two* if your business allows you to do so.

Who can benefit the most?

Workshop is meant for business owners and managers who plan and delegate tasks to improve sales and increase revenue of their businesses. The workshop will also benefit start-ups, marketers and sales managers who want to personally influence and manage their revenue streams.

Business Owners



This systematic approach will give you systematic results while saving you time, money and unnecessary chaos and doubts

About the lecturer

Maria Avaguimova - Van der Boog, founder of School of Social Commerce, has a Masters degree in Linguistics and is a certified expert in data-driven marketing. With over 11 years of teaching experience, she combined her theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience in this workshop.

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