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At School of Social Commerce, we offer solutions to individual entrepreneurs as well as businesses with or without in-house marketing. See all existing solutions below. Don't see a solution that resonates with your goals? Book a free call to find out how we can customize a program for you.


Growth points analysis

Business analysis including strategy report

No time or budget for a marketer or a full marketing project? Get your business analyzed for the most profitable growth points and get a full report including a strategy, tactics, marketing tools and step-by-step implementation of it, accompanied with customized tips from our practices and full post-service support.

Curated marketing

Project-based management

Amongst different types of firms, there are those who want or must keep marketing in own hands but don't have the time for any additional education and project management. With curated marketing membership, we are solving all of the possible issues a firm or entrepreneur could have while building, growing or scaling their business. ​

Business services

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Marketing Strategy for firms

Individual project

Always wanted to strategize your business and apply proper marketing for growth, revenue and profitability increase, but didn't have the means to hire a professional?

We can help your in finding the right strategy for your business goals by targeting the most effective growth points and by conducting a system with the suitable toolset.

Marketing for coaches & experts

Individual project

Whether you are a coach, trainer, therapist or an educator, online platforms can become a profitable environment.

​This service offers you a systematic approach to customer acquisition, retention and loyalty of your customers. You will learn how to translate your expertise into content that resonates with your clients, and will be able to strategize your (online) business in a way that brings your stable and a growing revenue.

Turnkey Marketing Department

Business Project

We build you a fully functioning marketing unit or department including support during onboarding. ​

With this unique approach, we will help you realise your goals without overspending. By first looking at the organization and determining goals, we help you establish the needs, functional profiles and match (young) professionals to it.

Marketing Coaching

Individual project

Understand marketing, sales and business processes necessary for customer acquisition, retention, your positioning and online communication.

Individual coaching can help you with specific questions as well as a general understanding of marketing. ​


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For companies with more than 20 employees and annual turnover of 5 million euros or more, we offer free demo from our education programs. By requesting a demo, you will be receiving access to one of our paid workshops completely for free. When you don't apply to this option, we have plenty of other free goods.

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